Send in Service Instructions

For every private signing we conduct as well, as most of the signing events we attend we offer a send in service.

This could be a multi signed poster/print, trading card,action figure of Funko Pop vinyl. Or pretty much anything else.

When using this service you must follow the instructions detailed below, in order to ensure smooth processing of your order.

You must purchase a send in option from the website prior to sending us your items.

Labelling your items

  • Your item must have a post it note on the back detailing your order number and name. 
  • If you would like your item signed in a particular place/colour/inscription you must add a post it note detailing this to the front.
  • When you place your order on our website you must detail exactly what you are sending at the time.


In the event that the signer in question cancels his or her private signing or event appearance you will be refunded in full within 10 days of the cancellation.  Your item will also be returned to you within 10 days.  

Should you wish to cancel your order before the signing you are able to do so up until 24 hours prior to the day of the signing. You must email us on with your order number in the subject line. 

Under no cicumstances do we refund postage fees, either for you sending  your items to us returning them.


We will make every effort to get your personalisation/quote added to your item. This can not be guaranteed however, and is up to the celebrity signer on the day. In the event that personalisation/quotes are not possible you will be refunded any fee you may have been charged them.


Postage and Packaging

You must provide suitable packaging that can be returned to you with the item in question. 

You are responsible for paying for the postage of your items both to us and the return journey. Please select the correct postage option at the point of order.

We do no refund postage costs under any circumstances. In the event of a cancellation you are still responsible for postage fees o return your item o you. 

You are responsible for covering costs should postage on your item be more than what you have already paid. Your item will not be returned to you until any excess in postage has been paid for. 

In the event of this happening you will be invoiced for the postage excess to your registered paypal address.

In the case of oversized items please contact us on prior to ordering for a quote.

Please note we do not make any money from postage.

Important Note for overseas customers

You are responsible for all customs fees incurred when you ship your item to us. If we receive notification of a custom charge on your item, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.  You must pay any and all customs fees before your item will be returned to you.